Command Post™ Rechargeable Base

79058 Command Post™ Rechargeable Base

The Command Post™ Rechargeable base is the core of the Command Post System.The base encases a rechargeable lithium ion battery and has a magnetized end-cap for easy placement on metal surfaces. Hidden behind a threaded protective sleeve is the mini USB charging port. The port contains an LED that indicates when the battery is charging and when charging is complete. The patent pending Qwik-Loc™ locking collar is designed to make changing heads a quick and easy process. Simply pull the Qwik-Loc™ collar back and firmly insert the head that you wish to use. It’s that easy. The body also includes rubberized housing for durability and built in anti-roll features that help keep Command Post™ exactly where you need it to do your work.

  • Heavy duty anodized aluminum construction
  • Magnetized end cap for easy placement on metal surfaces
  • TPR Over-Mold roll-stop feature ensures Command Post™ stays where you want it
  • Concealed Mini-USB Charging Port with charge status indicator